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Another day off.


Weather is crap.

Nowhere to go

Trying to rest but can’t keep still.

So I do what I normally do when I’m bored and flood FB with crap.

Today I have some general observations about three things.

1) One FB two days ago, there was a post about handmade poppies. Very pretty, very laudable given that the proceeds were being given to charity.

Here’s my beef. Poppies are traditionally made by ex forces men and women or their families and members of the Royal British Legion. They are made of paper. Red poppies for the blood spilt in conflicts and green for the grass that covers our fallen forces. So all these pretty hand made ones, all these blingy ones, all OTHERS made anywhere else are nice but NOT poppies for real.

I post to say very pretty and nice that the proceeds are going to charity but people should still buy a paper poppy.

Up jumps some wannabe warrior to chastise me by saying that it doesn’t matter where the money comes from.


Poppies are poppies, are poppies, are poppies.

Paper poppies, made with pride, worn with pride.

And I don’t think any random pleb has any right to rear up at me on a fucking social network.

Especially as said pleb doesn’t know me from Adam. Doesn’t know that my family have deep, deep roots laid within the foundations of the British Forces. And furthermore said pleb wouldn’t say that to my face.

It’s all very well people making things then saying they are going to give the proceeds to charity but how the fuck do I know that???

For all I know it’s some oik making money for Christmas.

So, remember this.

It IS a public social media site – there is no privacy on FB anymore.

I DO have the right to speak and try to debate.

You DO have the right to reply.

But…my point is just as valid and has as much right to be heard as yours.

Keyboard warriors boil my piss.

Small minded people, in small towns, in small houses, behind small monitors with small brains.


And now the post office.

Today I go to post a small package to my grandson.

Have to send it recorded and signed for to make sure the damn thing arrives. Gone are the days when you could just put stuff in the post box or hand over the counter.

Sadly no matter how much our so called esteemed postmen deny it, items HAVE and DO get stolen. If they are simply mislaid then eventually they would turn up.

I pay for my package and hand it over, asking the counter clerk if they have any poppies left.

Imagine my face when she says ” we don’t have any. I don’t think we’ve had any at all”

Now I know the Post Office is a bit grumpy of late but it is still the ROYAL Mail and our forces do still serve CROWN and country so where are the poppies?

I have mailed the customer relations team and asked why there are no poppies in Holton Road main post office.

If there is a reason and if so, what is it?

Because I intend to notify the press.

Really…what is wrong with these people???

Our forces have fought down the ages to preserve and protect our freedoms and the jumped up arses of the post office don’t sell poppies???